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Credit Counselling in Atlantic Canada

For over 25 years, we’ve helped countless individuals and families solve their debts through expert credit counselling, budget mentoring, and tailored financial education programs. With a little support, and some hard work, you can live a debt-free life and have the skills you need to manage your money, permanently.

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Credit Counselling

If you are having a financial crisis, and you’d like to avoid bankruptcy, our intensive and personalized approach to credit counselling could be the lifeline you are looking for.

We are the credit counselling specialists, and what we offer is simple: Debt Solutions that Stick.

Budget Mentoring

If your money situation is a mess and you’d like to learn what it takes to be financially well, our proactive budget mentoring service might be just the support you need.

We are budget mentoring specialists, and what we offer is simple: Financial Wellness that Sticks.

Financial Education

If your employees or students could use some real-life money-management skills, our customizable, easy-to-understand financial education sessions will fit the bill perfectly.

We are financial education specialists, and what we offer is simple: Money Management Skills that Stick.


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Make long-term financial wellness part of your own personal pandemic recovery plan.

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