Financial Education

If your employees or students could use some real-life money-management skills, our customizable, easy-to-understand financial education sessions will fit the bill perfectly.

We are financial education specialists, and what we offer is simple:

Money management skills that stick.

This is schooling that really pays off.

Did you know?


Money is the greatest source of stress for Canadians – which can lead to serious impacts on workplace performance. Help your team achieve financial wellness by scheduling a financial education presentation at your workplace, either in-person or through virtual webinars. Topics include: budgeting, debt management, avoiding scams, and more.


Children need to learn about money from a young age, to ensure they have the knowledge and financial literacy skills to help them succeed later in life. Help your students build a foundation of financial literacy with our 1-hour presentations, in-person or through virtual webinars, on a variety of topics geared toward youth.


It is never too early to start educating your kids about finances. Helping your child understand things like budgeting, wants vs. needs, saving and credit can set them on the road to financial wellness right from the start. Hey, and if you learn something along the way? So much the better.


We offer an annual $1,000 scholarship to post-secondary students across Atlantic Canada. Our scholarships aim to provide students with the tools they need to minimize post-secondary debt, and to use credit wisely.

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