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About SolveYourDebts.com

For more than 25 years, SolveYourDebts.com has helped thousands of individuals and families get and stay financially healthy through accredited credit counselling, budget mentoring, and tailored financial education programs.

As Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, we served our clients at seven offices throughout Atlantic Canada. With our name change, we are casting a wider net – bringing our intensive and specialized credit counselling model and budget mentoring services to more Canadians than ever before.  

Our accredited counsellors, budget mentors and financial education specialists stand beside you, not just for a couple of counselling sessions, but for your whole journey to financial well-being. We will help you learn the skills and habits you need to manage your money over the long term.

That’s what we mean when we talk about Debt Solutions that Stick.


 Support. Educate. Empower.


To provide private, one-on-one debt solutions through expert counselling, proactive mentoring, and tailored financial education programs offered by accredited counsellors.


Long-term financial wellness for all.


Prior to being named CEO, Susan Eisner spent 22 years as the Director of Operations at SolveYourDebts.com, where she was responsible for several high functional areas of the business at a senior level.

She has extensive knowledge in the areas of IT Infrastructure, policy and procedure development, customer service and resource management, as well as strategic planning and financial management.

Susan believes in giving back to the community and has served on several boards and committees, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John, Saint David’s United Church, Credit Counselling Canada, and Cooperative Processing Resources.

Susan holds a certificate in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University, has obtained her Insolvency Counsellor’s Qualification Course (ICQC), and has completed courses of study in Effective Personal Leadership and Effective Motivational Leadership through Leadership Management International Canada (LMI).

Susan was born and raised in Saint John, N.B. and is a proud New Brunswicker with a special passion for helping Atlantic Canadian consumers achieve financial wellness. Susan loves to golf, read, travel, spend time with family and listen to the sound of the ocean any chance she gets.

Board of Directors

Our Board members are selected for their practical expertise as well as their invaluable leadership abilities.

Shannon Olsen, CPA, CA, CIA

Partner, Deloitte LLP

Rick Williston, P.Eng.

VICE chair
General Manager, Construction Sector at Osco Construction Group

John Hebert

HR Consultant

Katie Brewer, CPA, CA

Tax Specialist/Houser Housing Hub of New Brunswick

J. Michael Gauthier

Senior Director, Canadian Commercial Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal

Heather Campbell

Director, Integrated Health Initiative, UNB

Michelle Francis-Doyle

Employment Counsellor, Government of New Brunswick

Trevor Marshall, CPA, CA


Ryan Maxwell

2023 MBA Candidate,
Saint Mary's University

Raafey Mohammed

Sr. Manager, Data Integration Architecture at Cooke Aquaculture Inc.


Credit counselling is a process designed to help people reduce debt and live debt free.

When you decide to go for credit counselling, an accredited counsellor will review your entire financial situation and speak to you about your options.

A not-for-profit credit counselling agency will always have your best interest at heart and will help you try to avoid bankruptcy wherever possible. If you are experiencing a debt crisis, your credit counselling agency will:

  • Speak to creditors on your behalf and propose a payment schedule based on your ability to pay. They will also request that interest on your debt be stopped or reduced.
  • Create a customized debt management plan for you, including a budget you can stick to, and a reasonable payment schedule to reduce your debts.
  • Offer advice, coaching, education and sometimes just a kind word of support as you work your plan.
  • Celebrate with you when you achieve your goals!

If your finances are in a mess and you’d like to improve your ability to manage your money, your credit counselling agency will: 

  • Work with you to create a budget you can stick to, and a reasonable payment schedule to reduce any debts you might have.
  • Help you develop healthy financial habits and advise you on strategies to keep your debt in check.
  • Offer advice, coaching, education and sometimes just a kind word of support as you work your budget.

The primary difference between a credit counselling agency and a bankruptcy trustee is that the former considers all your options and the latter deals primarily in bankruptcy and consumer proposals.

A credit counselling agency is focused on finding the best solution for you, taking into consideration all aspects of your financial reality. In some cases, bankruptcy will be the only option, and in these cases, your credit counsellor can refer you to a trusted resource who can guide you through the process.

But in many cases, credit counselling is the best option. That’s because you gain the skills to never get into financial difficulty again.

The initial consultation is free. If you decide to work with us, our fees are very modest, but they do vary depending on the service you receive and the complexity of your situation.

We will always work with you to balance your need for support with your ability to pay. Further, we will always be up front about cost, so you have a clear and easy to understand picture of how much you’ll have to pay, and for how long.

We are a member agency of Credit Counselling Canada, and as such we stick to their Client Bill of Rights.


We aim to assist anyone looking for advice about financial management or reducing and eliminating their debts. The goal of our credit counselling services is to equip people with the tools necessary for the successful management of their finances. Whether you need help with debt repayment, budgeting or general financial education, our accredited financial counsellors are up to the task.

Among other services, SolveYourDebts.com can assist you with:

  • Negotiating reduced payment and interest terms with creditors
  • Drafting alternative payment plans
  • Planning and maintaining a budget
  • A wide variety of financial education services

Regardless of your age, gender, background or financial status, SolveYourDebts.com can provide credit counselling services that will help you improve the way you deal with your financial situation. Whether you want to get out of debt or simply want to become more financially savvy, our counsellors can assist you every step of the way.

Credit counselling agencies are licensed to operate under Provincial consumer finance legislation.

We are also an accredited not-for-profit member agency at Credit Counselling Canada.

“Our members’ not-for-profit status coupled with our accreditation measures assures compliance to the highest ethical standards and best business practices. This ensures consumers get a top-quality credit counselling experience.” ~ Credit Counselling Canada

As part of our accreditation, each of our counsellors must achieve an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® designation, awarded through the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education®. They must also comply with Credit Counselling Canada’s code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which is monitored annually by their accreditation compliance process.

We are also a registered member of the Better Business Bureau of Canada, and are committed to consistently meeting all our obligations under Provincial privacy legislation.

The latest data we have available is that the bankruptcy/insolvency route results in a repeat rate of approximately 20%. This compares to a repeat rate of less than 1% for those who follow the Debt Management Program/Credit Counselling route.

That’s what we mean by debt solutions that stick.

Need more proof?

One in five Canadians who filed bankruptcy in 2018 was doing it for at least the second time. That works out to 11,500 debtors who filed their second, third, fourth or even fifth bankruptcy, according to data obtained from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.Toronto Star, December 2019

This [Credit Counselling] sector had been delivering this service for decades with a recidivism rate of under one per cent, versus a recidivism rate of 22 per cent for insolvency trustees.Toronto Star

Furthermore, the recidivism rate of DMPs compared to that of bankruptcies seems to suggest that one-on-one counselling imparted by CCSAs via the administration and management of DMPs is more effective in reducing recidivism than bankruptcy counselling.Financial Literacy and the Canadian Credit Counselling Services Industry. Adriana E. Molina. Published by the Task force on financial literacy, 2011.


Our not-for-profit status means we aren’t looking to make a buck off your financial challenges.

Simply put, it means we offer low-cost, impartial and professional services that put your needs first. We believe this is an essential ingredient in helping you solve your debts as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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