We’re Now SolveYourDebts.com!

Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada has a new name and logo!

After more than 25 years, we decided it was time for a bit of an update. In doing so, we wanted to modernize our look and lean into the most valuable parts of our brand.

You will notice we kept the colour scheme and the knot in our previous logo, so those who already know us would still recognize us. We also moved to a new name and tagline, but our URL is the same.

This new identity sits on a foundation of research that says:

  • Eight in ten residents of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are highly inclined to pay back all their debts.
  • 86% of Atlantic Canadians would prefer to pay off debt over a longer term, compared to going bankrupt in the short term.

We will use that insight to strengthen our niche in this competitive market, emphasizing what we’re already great at: credit counselling.

And why not, when the recidivism rate of credit counselling is less than 1%, compared to the recidivism rate of insolvency agencies, which is 20%?

We are focusing on our intensive, customized, long-term, and effective credit counselling solutions – solutions that have permanently changed lives for the better.

Our website will be gradually updated over the coming weeks, and will feature new resources for clients, including new downloadable e-book topics, client of the year videos and more.

You may also hear and see new radio and TV commercials that are in-market right now.

What won’t change is our commitment to our clients and our partners, and our mission: Support. Educate. Empower.

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