5 Free Activities to Do With Your Kids During Winter Holidays

With the Winter holiday break quickly approaching, your kids will be clamouring for a bit of fun and excitement. However, fun and excitement don’t necessarily have to be bought with loads of money. There are lots of free activities that you and your children can enjoy. Here are 5 free activities you can do with your kids during the winter holidays:

  1. Create Snow Art: Grab some food colouring and re-use spray bottles you have around the house to create awesome snow art. Mix a small amount of food colouring with water in each bottle, making a variety of different colours. Next, let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they each make their own unique pieces of art on top of the snow.
  1. Go on a Winter Picnic: Choose a sunny day for an outdoor winter picnic. To keep your food expenses down, you can simply prepare the same lunch or snack you would normally eat at home and bring it with you. Your children won’t mind as they will find eating the same thing in the outdoors more fun! Bring along blankets to lay on the snow to keep warm, and remember to bundle up!
  1. Build a Snow Castle and Snow Man: After a fresh snowfall, help your kids build a snow castle and a snowman. You’d be surprised by the amazingly elaborate and beautiful structures you and your children can create out of snow. You can participate in the building process by providing shovels, scarves, hats and creative accessories for the snowman. 
  1. Take a Walking Tour of Your Town: Your kids may not have seen much of their own city or town if they rarely venture far from their home. Around the holidays, main streets, homes and shops will likely be decked out with holiday décor, making it a great opportunity to go for a stroll and take in the sights of the season. If you’re up for it, a nighttime walk is the perfect time to see all the beautiful and creative Christmas light arrangements in your neighbourhood. 
  1. Engage in Outdoor Winter Sports: If the ground is frozen solid and the conditions are right, take your children ice skating or sledding in the outdoors. Many communities have free or low-cost public skating sessions or outdoor ice rinks to enjoy. You can also look for a park with that perfect hill for sledding. Take along a thermos of hot chocolate to warm up during your outdoor afternoon.

There are numerous other free activities that you can do with your children during the winter holidays. Check out your local community calendar of events to find out what’s going on near you. Remember, winter activities don’t have to break your budget – by putting a creative spin on the typical outdoor winter fun, you and your kids can have a wonderful winter holiday.

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