Inexpensive Summer Vacation Ideas

Summertime is around the corner, which means it’s time to plan that summer vacation. Unfortunately, vacations can often be expensive, and with the cost of living rising substantially, it might be difficult to spend a lot of money on a holiday for the family.

Luckily, we’ve put together some ideas on how your family can still have an amazing summer without breaking the bank. Check out these inexpensive summer vacation ideas.

Try a staycation

A staycation is essentially becoming a tourist in your own hometown or city. Staycations are inexpensive because you don’t have to pay for transit or hotels, and can still eat most meals at home. Pretend you’re visiting from out of town and conduct your research on all there is to do. You might be surprised at just how many great attractions there are right on your doorstep, from water parks to museums to local festivals, which are common throughout the summer months. The activities you can do on a staycation are really only limited by your imagination. You’ll see your area completely differently on a staycation.

Get out into nature

What better way to get back to nature than camping? National and provincial parks usually have plenty of options for setting up camp and there are plenty of activities, too. From swimming to hiking to stargazing away from city lights, and of course, barbecuing, all can be great fun and cost very little. There’s no doubt that camping vacations will leave you with some treasured memories.

Plan a road trip

A road trip doesn’t have to be long and expensive to be fun, and what better way to feel that sense of freedom than by taking a road trip? With careful planning, arranging to stay with family or friends along the way, or choosing to camp instead of staying in a hotel, you can save plenty of money. If you insist on staying in hotels on your short adventure, planning ahead will mean you can get the best deals when it comes to budget accommodations en route.

Go last minute

Last-minute vacations can really offer some good bargains if you’re flexible about your destination and schedule. It can also be fun to not have a plan and go where the wind will take you! Check out various websites that deal with last-minute cheap vacations and you could be jetting off to foreign places much sooner and more affordably than you thought possible. You might even find all-inclusive options which work out to an even better value for your money.

Stay mid-week

If you can only get away for a few days, consider staying in hotels on Sundays to Thursdays, when rates are lower. You’ll pay a lot more if you stay on a weekend. Consider taking a few days off of work when the kids are out of school in order to score these discounted rates.

A weekend getaway

A well-planned weekend getaway can be just as rewarding as a two-week vacation. Do your research ahead of time and plan out what you want to do so you’re not wasting any time. Consider going somewhere not too far so that you’re not spending too much time travelling. Last-minute bookings can once again score you some deals – whether it be relaxing in a spa or securing a cabin overlooking the lake.

There are plenty of easy ways to save money, even if you’re on a tight budget. If budgeting is something you could use some help with, get in touch with us! Personal budgeting can greatly increase your chances of living a debt-free life. Our counsellors can provide you with a personal budget planner and the support you need to successfully manage your money and learn to live within your means. Book a free consultation today!


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