How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

One of the most important line items in the family budget is for food, and the best way to manage that budget line item is to stick to a grocery list. Having a list each time you go to the grocery store ensures that you don’t get sucked into impulsively buying things you don’t need.

Here are a few tips to follow for preparing a grocery list on a budget.

Take an Inventory of the Pantry

The key to controlling the food budget is to identify what you already have in the house.  Before sitting down to make your grocery list, check the pantry, fridge and freezer and make a note of what you can use to prepare meals for the next week or so.  This will help you avoid placing items on the grocery list that you already have in abundance.

Plan Your Meals

Using the results of the inventory review, begin the process of planning meals for the next week or two. Consider using a calendar that will allow you to write out what you will serve at each meal. You can begin by making entries based on what’s already on hand.  When you’re finished with this part of the process, you’ll be able to readily see how many meals you need to plan for, along with which days you need to purchase the ingredients you don’t already have on hand.

Create Your List

With the planning phase complete, you can move on to preparing a grocery list on a budget. Starting with the first date on the schedule and make a preliminary list of what you need to round out each of those meals. Note what you need to cover the meals for each day in succession.

Once you make a complete sweep for the period covered, start to organize your list.  A good rule of thumb is to organize the list based on how your favourite supermarket is arranged. This allows you to begin at one side of the store and then make your way to the other side. Along the way, you can quickly pick up everything that you need without having to double back for something you overlooked.

Select Foods for the List

While preparing a grocery list on a budget, be open to using generic or store brands rather than the pricier name brands. Look further down the shelves and see how much you can save by trying those lesser-known options.

The brands that the supermarket is pushing that week will be at eye level; the real bargains are underneath. You may find those less expensive brands work just as well for you, allowing you to save a small amount on each item you purchase.

Also be open to making some things from scratch. You really can prepare things like salad dressings, breads and other items from basic ingredients, and save a considerable amount over buying those pre-made counterparts.

Avoid Impulse Purchases

Your list is your guide through the maze of wonders at the supermarket. Do not allow yourself to deviate from that list. Impulse buying will sink a food budget faster than anything. Buy only what you need and no more.

Preparing a grocery list on a budget is challenging, but it also brings its own rewards.  With proper planning, you can purchase more with less money, and still enjoy meals that are varied and tasty.

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